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About Us

A history of expertise and excellence

At the heart of Romana Caffe is an expertise in sourcing, processing and supplying excellent coffee to businesses that require a reliable, regular supplier.

Your customers will come back again and again once they savour the superior taste of the blends we create and deliver.

Our experience in the coffee trade goes back to 2008. Since then we have been perfecting the process by which we deliver great flavours to our clients and their customers.

We insist on importing the finest raw material from recognised farms in Brazil. We always work with beans from the same areas to give our clients peace of mind that every shipment is as good as the last.

We then work with roasters in Italy and the United Kingdom to create the blends you can trust to make the perfect cup of coffee.

When you like your coffee black, white and green

It’s important to us that the process by which we import and produce our coffee is as reputable and reliable as we are.

Among our range of products you will find several Fairtrade brands – which means that and your customers can be sure the prices paid for the raw materials have been equitable.

Similarly, many of our products are organic, while others bear the stamp of the Rainforest Alliance, which plays such a key role in working to offset the impact of climate change.

When you offer Romana Caffe to your customers, they will appreciate the great taste – and they will respect the contribution you are making to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable planet.

Download our brochure and see which blends work for you as you look for great flavours with which to delight and impress your customers.

We will also be happy to hear from you via telephone or email so that we can begin the discussion of how we can work together.

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Caffé Romana’s quality image will help draw in and maintain customers.

The distinctive taste of our range of coffees will make them come back, time and time again.

Contact us to find out more about our brand merchandising solution.

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